St Augustine’s Primary School endeavours to achieve an exemplary level of governance which is informed by discernment and discussion of issues underpinned by the school’s values.

When exercising good governance, the school is informed by various policies that are both mandated by external bodies and follow the school’s ongoing development of internal best practices. Below is a selection of the school’s many policies.


Parents are encouraged to provide constructive feedback and suggestions. If a parent has a concern or suggestion, the class teachers should be approached in the first instance.  If a resolution cannot be achieved, the Principal or Assistant Principals are available to assist. It is advisable to telephone for an appointment so that proper attention can be paid to arriving at a resolution. A copy of the Complaints and Grievance Policy is available here.


Child Protection is of vital importance not only to the staff at the school but to parents, carers and the whole community. If a parent or carer suspects a child is at risk and/or in need of protection, it is important to report it to the school. As Mandatory Reporters, the school is legally bound to report children at risk of harm or neglect. This is initially managed through the Mandatory Reporter Guide, then through FACS, The Office of the Children’s Guardian, The Ombudsman, Police and Lismore CSO, depending on the nature of the report. Parents and Carers can also directly report to the Child Protection Hotline on 132111. A copy of the policy on Child Protection can be found here.


At St Augustine’s Primary School, the dignity of the human person is the foundation of all Catholic social teaching and intrinsic to our education ministry. Consequently, the principle that the person is made in the image and likeness of God is central to the mission of our parish school. This policy identifies the interconnectedness of the characteristics of quality Catholic learning and teaching and is intended to value, respect and promote the self-esteem and dignity of each student. The school will actively promote anti-bullying messages alerting students and staff of the need to be vigilant.

A copy of the school’s Anti-Bullying Policy can be found here.


At the heart of this policy is the fulfilment of our Christian mission to ensure the dignity of all people. Positive and responsible student behaviour is essential to the development of a supportive and cooperative school environment and the achievement of optimal learning opportunities.

The Student Management Policy aims to ensure behaviour is maintained at a high level within the school, with parents, staff and students working together to build positive relationships. This policy supports the interests of the school and the students as it encourages safety, effort, respect and responsibility. Using this Code of Behaviour, we will endeavour to build agreement between students, staff and families concerning the expectations and management of behaviour and social interactions.

A copy of the school’s Student Management (Behaviour) Policy can be found here.


The Student Enrolment Policy outlines the procedures and criteria for enrolment at St Augustine’s Primary School. A copy of the policy can be found here.