High Potential Learners and Gifted Students


Our mission at St Augustine's School is to enable all students to achieve the 'fullness of life' (John 10:10). Our school's HPL program is intentionally designed for the growth of the whole person by developing each student's intellectual, physical, emotional, moral and spiritual gifts.

We recognise that each student's gifts are unique. We understand the importance of engaging all students in learning that is exciting and challenging. In response to this, we have developed pathways that underpin our whole school approach to high-potential and gifted education at St Augustine's School. These include opportunities to 

  • participate in school-based KLA-specific high-potential and gifted learner programs throughout the year.
  • collaborate with our Catholic Secondary school and local Catholic primary schools in a coordinated high-potential learner program
  • Participate in CSO-facilitated workshops
  • Across-system participation in STEM and STEAM competitions  

Students may move in and out of these pathways throughout the year, depending on the KLA focus. Quality differentiated learning in every classroom provides opportunities for HPL students on a daily basis.